Call me The Light & The Sound;;
it's all you need to know.
Typical grungy college art student.
Caffine, Nicotine, THC.

"In just living my life, it's as though sadness piles up all around me. It's in my sheets, dried in the sun; my toothbrush in the bathroom; even the memory of my cell phone."

i never do anything right,
I'm indecisive & extremely habitual.
I like simple things.
i have low self esteem.
I believe what I see, not what I am told.
I am never going to change.
I do not need a direction in my life,
i make my own direction
& I live my life day by day.


my friends<3.

my photos.

I'm a fine artist/photographer who's going somewhere, so follow me. xx

The world is my ashtray.



i made this shitty embroidery the other day when i was sitting outside in the rain having a panic attack. i don’t really know what i meant but i know it’s true. right now my life feels a bit like the wrong side of the embroidery and nothing quite makes sense.

I fucking love this


everything you love is here


everything you love is here

the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.


Auroreas pattern

The Psiquè Collection Preview